Previous Projects

Past Student Projects

Summer ’16


InterSole gives consumers the ability to change the bottom of their shoes with interchangeable soles.


A sensor that can be put into any helmet and will be able to monitor the impact of hits to the head for each player on the field. The results of impact get sent to the coaches and trainers.

Waffle Wrapper

A quick, easy and affordable lunch option that puts a tender piece of fried chicken between two waffle buns.

Bare Life

A health-conscious drink made with detoxifying, natural ingredients to boost energy and mental focus.


Summer ’17

Bar Pro

To solve the problem of calluses in gymnastics, the Bar Pro team created a new wristband with an ergonomical design.

Dislocation Preventer

A knee brace with a futuristic design built to prevent bones and ligaments from coming out of place during exercise.

E-zzz Sleeper

This special pillow helps those whom have a tough time falling asleep at night. Lavender scents and soothing sounds help users to fall asleep quicker.

Freeze Flo

Vehicular heatstroke impacts children and pets mainly, Freeze Flo has created a device to detect when someone is in the car and turn on the air conditioning.

Hair Affair

This product is a completely natural organic hair dye that won’t damage hair from color to color.

In-Check Bracelet

This bracelet is meant to keep it users focused on their tasks with a vibration when they deviate to their phones.

One World Cards

Created by young New Haven artists for the children of New Haven. These cards can be given on any holiday and the proceeds go back to the kids of New Haven.

On Point

This make-up kit takes out the hassle of applying cosmetics with innovative stickers that put the make-up on for you.

Orchid Cafe

A restaurant located at the ConnCAT facility, planned and organized by high school students.

SenseMe Pad

This product prevents “public leakage”, a problem impacting many women. The pad will send a warning when its time change pads.


An innovative service that allows customers to retrieve their sneakers at a store through a machine without the help of a sales rep.

Stick N’ Go

A replaceable button that requires no sewing skill at all. To apply, just stick it on to a shirt and go.


International Summer ’17


A band-aid faux toe nail that a user can put over the nail with fungus and leave it alone until its bedtime. The faux nail is applying the topical treatment with minimal work by the user.

Blink Strip

An attachable LED strip with a microphone for shirts that can blink according to the beat of music being played.

Beard Buddy

A washcloth that has the ability to pick up hair follicles after shaving.

Happy SOle

A made-to-order sock that will prevent blisters from forming on the feet.

Retro Tech

A company that will take old electronics and retro-fit them with new technology.

Roast Off

An app that allows users to exchange in a battle of wits whilst spectators vote on the winner.

ELA Summer ’18

The Frost Bites

The Frost Bites provides non-vegan sweets and ice cream products to consumers through online ordering and brick-and-mortar locations. The target market is mostly vegans, vegetarians and people with allergies to nuts and dairy.


ChillPon is an accessory of Chillit with a built-in cooling indicator inside a tampon which cools itself after a five hour period to alert the user when it needs to be removed. The cooling agent is not harmful and non-toxic.

S.A.F.E. Band

S.A.F.E. Band is a heart rate monitor that is placed on your wristband to detect normal or abnormal heart rate; the band also has LED lights, a vibrational motor, and control box to transmit and receive signals from other users and lifeguards.

The Vibe

The Vibe is a specialized headband with built-in bluetooth to play music and motors that massage your temples to promote relaxation.

M.O. Archive

M.O. Archive consists of upcycled thrift store clothes that promote creativity, self-expression, and a unique style.

Jeimyla Vine

Jeimyla Vine is the only face mask that is made of 100% natural ingredients and is 100% handmade.